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About Graded Reading

Tony Sharp - on air radio personality

Hi there!

Are you learning English?

Would you find it helpful to have a range of entertaining audio stories set at particular comprehension levels? If so, then WELCOME to!

As an IELTS tutor and reviewer, I discovered it was difficult to find good quality, graded, free resources to help my students prepare for their LISTENING sub test ….. and so I decided to create – a graded library of entertaining, educational and uplifting audio stories, read clearly by native English speakers.

Our aim is very simple:

  1. Provide FREE access to entertaining, graded, audio stories that you will ENJOY!
  2. Help you prepare for your LISTENING sub test.
  3. Provide a selection of free as well as paid e-books to entertain you and further improve your English skills!

We hope you enjoy our audio books as well our library of written stories! If you find that we’ve helped to improve your English skills, we’d love you to recommend our website and books by posting links / comments on Facebook and social media so others can benefit too.

Enjoy your English!!

Tony Sharp and Jennie Sweeney