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Three Circumnavigations: Flying & Sailing Adventures

I would definitely not describe myself as an armchair traveler and when, at the age of fifty, I had the privilege of being able to escape the rat race, I took early retirement and realized my dreams. Everyday brought something new: spectacular views and some amazing people. I, and my wife, visited places few others have.

This short piece outlines the adventures I had both in the air and on the sea. My travels took me on a flying safari across Australia, and cruising around the coasts of Tasmania and New Zealand’s South Island. Both spectacular, breathtaking places in their own right. Let me tell you, the rewards outstripped the risks, by a long way.

The journeys were full of fantastic experiences as well as their pitfalls. Join me in my reminiscing and let it inspire you, should you be thinking of embarking on a similar voyage of discovery. Or maybe it will encourage you to start thinking about a new challenge in your own life.

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